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ZZ Marketing Solution provides a wide range of strategic, creative and production services, all designed to grow your business. Our service bundle can be integrated as a full-service growth program, or as separate services to meet your specific objectives and budgets.


John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, defines marketing as “getting people to know, like, and trust you.” That’s what we’re doing with social media.


Start up Company | Branding


Setting up a new business is both exciting and challenging. It’s where great ideas and big ambitions meet small budgets and tight deadlines!

We’re experts at delivering the creative and technical elements you’ll need to launch your business and amplify your brand online and in print – helping you stand out from your competitors.

So, we’ve created a suite of affordable start-up products, services and tools for you to choose from.

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Web Design

Intro Video

Social Media Set Up

Business Card design


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Why ZZ Solution ?

We believe our business is to improve yours. We help you market and manage your business by taking a personal, hands-on approach to your digital advertising, design, and communications. We don’t just make a website, we make a custom website. Our goal is to give you more time to run the business you know, while we handle the online marketing you need.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Set up

If don’t already have a complete social media presence for your business, our social media setup service will get you started.  We’ll set you up with your initial accounts, images, and profiles on the main social media platforms:

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Website Design | Including hosting

Throughout the web design process, we’ll work one-on-one with you to bring your business to life. Our talented design team will create a site that improves the user experience, convey your information, and look professional.

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Social Media Management Package

Consistent Strategic Social Media Presence.
We will be working with you and for you, but behind the scenes, creating and maintaining a smart, respectful social media presence for your business. Here’s what that means, specifically:

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Single Page Website

If you’re a freelancer, a single page is often enough to give potential employers a bit of information about who you are, feature finished projects, and even include a simple contact form.

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Professional Slideshow Presentation

It’s no secret that videos are a valuable way of communicating information. With attention spans dropping and the need to get larger amounts of information across in a shorter period of time, a well placed video can take your presentation to the next level.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing makes it easy for you to boost your annual revenue. With a smart approach, the right software, and a little elbow grease, you can turn a 100-word email message into thousands in returns.

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John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, defines marketing as “getting people to know, like, and trust you.” That’s what we’re doing with social media.

Ready to Print

Business Card Design

If you think a business card is outdated then believe us you are wrong. Even the most powerful internet sensations of today have their own unique visiting cards or business cards.

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Presentations | Brochures | Flyer

If designed well brochures can hold a lot of facts and, make your business seem stable and professional. Because brochures make such a big impression, they should be the best and most professional work your company can afford.

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Need text and product

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Personalized marketing solutions for your business

Zonezi Marketing Solution offers Branding, Advertising, Social Media Management, Website Design and much more.
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